Accessibility Info/Childcare

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Bathrooms at MECA are wheelchair accessible and will be gender neutral and trans-friendly for our event, though they are usually gendered. Volunteers will ensure this.


MECA is wheelchair accessible and all parts of the building, all workshops, and the book fair will be wheelchair accessible. Book fair aisles will be wide enough to accommodate those using mobility aids.

All workshop spaces will have chairs available and designated space for disabled folks in the front for applicable workshops if desired. There will be chairs throughout the book fair and building for attendees to use and any volunteer will be able to retrieve a chair by request.

There will be ample time between workshops for transition, and no one will be denied entry for being late.


Childcare will be available all day. There will be many people available to provide care and MECA has an outdoor playground. Please use the form below to notify us of your need so we can appropriately accommodate the amount and ages of children attending the book fair.

Language and Communication

We are encouraging those leading workshops to provide written assistive printed materials for those who need it, and if you use the form below to notify us of your need and what workshops interest you (if you know) we can further work to accommodate you.

All videos and auditory information played in workshops should have captions or transcripts, no request needed. If this is not the case, it will be noted on the program and the workshop’s description everywhere it can be found.

Printed and/or vocal visual description will be available for visuals in workshops and the book fair, with any exceptions marked on the program and all workshops descriptions.

For Braille materials, please use the form below or email us so we can accommodate you.

If you or someone you know needs an interpreter (live interpreter, live captioning, etc.), or will be providing their own interpretation, please use the form below to notify us so we can meet your needs. Additionally, if you are a qualified interpreter/captioner/translator for any language(s) and are willing to offer your services or can connect us with services, please let us know!


We are trying to make different spaces in MECA  exist throughout the entire day for those who need them, hopefully including a POC only space, a healing space for emotional exhaustion and/or trauma, a scent free space, and a calming/resting space for disabled folks and others who need it. If you want to be part of this, please reach out to us. For questions and requests, please use the form below or email us.


For information on food, please check out the food tab on this website, here.


Disabled parking spaces will be available, and we will reserve more spaces close to the MECA for those without state recognition. For questions, please use the form below. For more information on parking, please check out the parking tab on this site, here.

Use this form

For questions and to let us know that you will need anything we’ve discussed or anything else, please use the form below. We look forward to your responses and to making this the most accessible event possible.