About Us

The Houston Anarchist Bookfair is being put on by Houston Anarchist Black Cross.

Houston ABC is a prison abolitionist collective that supports all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. By our own definition, this includes prisoners prosecuted for political acts associated with social movements, acts of class war, prisoners of the Drug War, people in immigration facilities, people prosecuted under gender and sexuality related laws, people prosecuted for self defense, and people prosecuted unjustly by corrupt officials. We also support all politicized prisoners as they are also part of the movement against prisons and towards a better society.

We seek to provide support through a free literature catalog, a pen pal project for queer and trans prisoners in Texas, and other means as well such as showing solidarity on the outside through direct action, protests, and amplifying the voices of the prisoners we support with Captive Voices. We see prison abolition and prisoner solidarity as a piece of a larger struggle against capitalism and state repression. We do not see prisons as a part of any free society, and we are committed to the struggle against capitalism, oppression, and towards collective liberation.

Prisons thrive by keeping people isolated and alienated from those that care about them, and thriving prisons are part of an oppressive society. Put another way, we’re out here for y’all, and y’all are in there for us.

You can keep up with Houston ABC via facebook, instagram, or email us at houston_abc@riseup.net . If you’re interested in getting involved with prisoner support, reach out! We have monthly prisoner support events that are open to new faces.